SERIAL KILLER Charles Manson DUMPS young, beautiful fiancé Afton Burton from PRISON! #WTF?!

My single friends – there may be no hope… This young beautiful woman was DUMPED by a PRISONER!

The infamous convicted serial killer Charles Manson has DUMPED his young, beautiful fiancé, 27 year old Afton Elaine Burton! Whaaaa?!

Journalist Daniel Simone, says Burton, who goes by the name Star, was only marrying Manson to gain possession of his BODY after death so she could DISPLAY the CORPSE in a glass casing in Los Angeles! Star was hoping to make MILLIONS by charging the general public to take a look at the psychotic Helter Skelter killer after he passed!

80 year old Manson found out about her plans and DROPPED Burton like the gold-digging hooker she is!


Simone spoke to the NY Post and said, “He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool!”

Charles Manson believes he is immortal so either way, he thinks the plan would have failed because well – he’s living forever.


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