Adele’s “HOT” bodyguard! Tyga too broke to by house near Kylie?! Tim Tebow DUMPED for not sexing gf?! DAILY DIRT!

Adele’s beautiful bodyguard, Peter Van Der Deen, is making his own headlines because he’s, well… BEAUTIFUL! The former 2005 Mr. Europe also served as Lady GaGa’s security for 5 years!

Searching for “hottest hashtag’s” I came across a story that Tim Tebow’s gf DUMPED him because she couldn’t handle him not giving her sex! Tebow is celibate and the story is FALSE! People are so quick to wanna belive the worst about a good guy. SMH…

Kylie Jenner says she likes Caitlyn more than Bruce!

And Tyga aka Kylie’s bf, still hasn’t closed on the $10 million dollar home, next door to his girl, for unknown reasons. Could it be because he doesn’t have the MONEY?! Allegedly, that’s the problem. Rumor is King Kylie made $8 million in one day, selling lipstick, perhaps she should gift him his digs.

kylie jenner bikini pool

DAILY DIRT w/Dana Cortez – #ddwdc! the BEST Gossip!

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