BIGFOOT caught on CAMERA?! Yes! There’s a PICTURE!! WTF?!

The search for Yeti aka Bigfoot aka Sasquatch has finally ended! He’s real!!!

Or is he?

John Rodriguez, a 66 year old retired electrician, sent a photo to the Huffington Post claiming while he was fishing the day after Christmas he saw Bigfoot and managed to snap a pic and capture the beast on camera!

Rodriguez claims it happened on the Hillsborough River near northeast Tampa, Florida, and told the HP, “I fish for gar in the river and I bring my camera to take pictures of the birds and what not. I heard a squishing sound, looked over and saw this thing walking through the water and crouch down in the duck weed. It did not look like a guy in a suit — it was definitely an animal. I took this picture and got out of there as fast as I could.”

Of course the Huffington Post had the photo analyzed and they were told the pic’s a fake!

Ya don’t say!!!!

And you thought only shameless fame whores wanted to be on social media. Who knew Bigfoot was such a ham?!


Here’s the image that Rodriguez sent to HuffPost and the full story!

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