Hospital pays families of BABIES SWITCHED AT BIRTH over $ 2 MILLION! #WTF?!

Sophie Serrano, Mom, her daughter Manon, love one another like any mother and daughter do, except that they aren’t biologically related.

A nurse’s assistant accidentally given baby Manon Serrano, was accidentally given to Sophie Serrano in 1994 by a nurse’s assistant at a private clinic in the Riviera city of Cannes. Sophie was in an incubator next to Sophie’s biological baby when the switch took place!

After a few years, Manon’s hair became curly and her skin a dark olive color and the child didn’t look like either of her parents! Her father separated from Sophie Serrano when he suspected the young girl wasn’t his.

Both parents went through DNA testing in 2004 and it was proved Manon was not related to either one of them! An investigation was launched and their biological child was located—less than 20 miles away!

The clinic was ordered, on Tuesday, to pay out 400,000 euros ($450,000) each to the two girls, now 2o years old, who were accidentally switched at birth! Part of the settlement will also go to members of the two families.


Did the couple DIVORCE?! Were the children SWITCHED BACK?!!!! Listen to find out!!!!


Source: The Associated Press

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