HOT “NEW” Mugshot MAN Sean Kory! WTF?!

Hot mugshot guy Jeremy Meeks has some competition from a man who REALLY hates FOX News!Kory vs Meeks

Sean Kory was allegedly involved in an altercation with a man DRESSED as a FOX News reporter!

According to the victim Kory, dressed as a tennis player, said, “I hate Fox News” before grabbing his microphone prop and then attacked the faux journalist with a tennis racket!

The San Jose Mercury News reported witnesses said the tennis racket didn’t hit the man dressed as a Fox News reporter, but he did run from police!

The incident is strange enough, but the reaction WOMEN are having to his mugshot is thr REAL story!
Kory tweets


Sean Kory was one of 32 people arrested at the Santa Cruz Halloween Parade!

Who knew California had so many HOT criminals…


Photo credit: Santa Cruz Police

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