Man with TWO PENISES writes memoir! Two?! YES! Two! #WTF?!

Penis envy? Twice!

One year ago, after posting pictures of his male anatomy, a man answered questions, in a Reddit AMA, about living with two 10 inch FULLY FUNCTIONING penises!

This is actually a medical condition known as diphallia.

He is openly bisexual and has been with over 1000 men and women!


Although the man has not revealed his identity and is only known as “DoubleDickDude” he agreed to speak to Rolling Stone Magazine and answer questions about his anatomy and personal life!

He reveals to Rolling Stone that he isn’t circumcised, his Dad loved him unconditionally and even discusses WHY he posted the photo of his two penises in the first place!

RS: You’ve made it quite clear that you don’t want fame or fortune for your story. Why did you reveal yourself as having two penises online in the first place?

DDD: “I think it’s safe to say that I’m more infamous than I am famous. In the fortune department, I’m more than comfortable financially. Initially, I was browsing “The Meat Market” on Tumblr with my boyfriend, and we laughed about sending a pic or two in to see what they said. It just spiraled out of control from there. There was no legitimate motivation besides seeing if they would react to it. It was really just for laughs. Then as time progressed, some people really connected to me. They felt like I had reached them, specifically. As for book profits, I signed away the rights to the Kindle version of my book to the editor and released all profits to them as well. I knew that by having another person handle it, they could potentially face some negativity for taking the time to be kind to me and help me put my thoughts and feelings to “print.” So I felt the only decent thing to do would be to give them all the profit in exchange for taking that risk.”

Two 10 inch penises that WORK on one man!

Curse or dream come true?!


More of this truly revealing, touching and odd interview here!

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