Mom buys her child PRINCESS WAND that’s actually an EVIL WAND with a CHILD CUTTING HERSELF inside! WTF?!

Poof! This TOY wand is EVIL!

Nicole Allen, a Mom in Dayton, Ohio, couldn’t believe the cute princess wand she purchased for her two year old daughter was actually an EVIL WAND with an image of a demon girl CUTTING her wrists on the back of the toy!

Nicole Allen told local TV station WHIO her daughter peeled back a piece of foil on the back of the toy and found the horrible image! “I’m outraged! I wanna know how they think that is suitable for a child.”

Amar Moustafa, the owner of the Dollar Store where the item was purchased, said Allen should have known what the toy was all about because it’s called an “evil stick.”

So who’s at fault here?! Mom for purchasing the “Evil Wand” or the Dollar Store for carrying it?!

I’m buying this for all the BRATS I know for Christmas. Hahahahaha!


Source: WHOI
WATCH the WHOI news report!

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