Grandma finds 13.5 POUNDS of POT in her VAN! #WTF?!

Man that is a lot of POT!

Alamogordo, New Mexico resident, Melodie Peil, purchased a 1990 Chevy at an Alamogordo dealership in the early 2000s and has used it to transport her four kids and her grandkids wherever they need to go.

According to a KRQE report, she’s even been across the border and back several times, but no one noticed the HUGE stash of WEED inside a door panel!
wtf pot van

She isn’t the ONLY person to find a STASH of POT! LISTEN!!!! Wow!

Melodie took the vehicle in for repair because she was having trouble locking the door and the mechanic discovered 13.5 POUNDS of POT!

Police suspect there may be more marijuana inside the gas tank and floor panels so the van will be x-rayed by border patrol!

APD has disposed the pot the family found in the van. I bet they did! Lol!

Do you suppose marijuana is like wine and gets better with age?


Photo credit: APD

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