Woman finds a PENIS on her PORCH, but who does it belong to?! WTF?!

THAT is NOT the newspaper in front of the house!

A Torrance County woman walked outside her front door and low and behold there was a PENIS on her PORCH right on her doorstep! She immediately called 911!

The Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene and identified the object as a male appendage – it was sent off for testing and a search for the body began!

Sherriff Heath White told local TV KOAT “We arrived on scene and identified it as a male appendage and started our investigation from there. We were trying to locate either a body or what took place here. We may find a leg or we may find a body part here and there, but we’ve never found a male appendage before without a body. Maybe this was a home sex change, but you don’t know. Or was this a murder, or a cartel-related issue where this was made to make a statement?”

No body was found, no clues and no one complaining of a missing PENIS either! This happened SEVEN YEARS ago and the case is being reopened!

You’d think 7 years later someone would say something – I mean it’s a PENIS for crying out loud!!!!


WATCH the KOAT interview with Sherriff White!

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