Pokemoan “SEXY TIME” Toys! #WTF?!

Pokemon GO has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon and it’s a game that has people, who hadn’t in years, heading outdoors and MOVING!


If your SEX LIFE needs some help, like your exercise routine did before Pokemon GO, here’s a new way to make the bedroom more interesting – POKEMOAN SEX TOYS!

Bulby – a DINO d*ldo inspired by Bulbasaur!


wtf bulbasaur









Charmy – flame-shaped & LONG it’s the Charmander!

wtf pokemon1











Squirty – inspired by Squirtle features a grooved turtle shell back!


wtf pokemon2











Piky – this plug doesn’t go where Pikachu has ever been!


wtf pikachu sex











This gives a whole new meaning to POKE e mon.



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