Pregnant woman hid 89 packs of HEROIN in her VAGINA! #WTF?!

22 year old Marina McCarthy, who’s 6 months pregnant, hid 89 packages of HEROIN inside her VAGINA!

Miss McCarthy was arrested Friday after a police car surveillance camera caught her reaching into her pants to hide the heroin in her vagina!

Dakota Dunning was driving a car, that was pulled over for a traffic violation, when officer’s discovered he and Marina both had outstanding warrants! K-9 units detected drugs and the rest is history!

Authorities felt badly for McCarthy, because of her pregnancy, and chose to handcuff her in front of her body, which is how she was able to hide the drugs inside her vajayjay!

No one even noticed what she had done, but once officers reviewed the video surveillance footage, the culprit was busted! A female officer examined McCarthy and made sure she removed all 89 packs of heroin!

So HOW does one manage to STUFF 89 packs of DRUGS into a VaJayJay?!

I may



Eat TAFFY again…



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