So… #WTF?! happened to HOT CONVICT Jeremy Meeks?!

If you really want this man, you’re gonna have to get in line and WAIT!

Jeremy Meeks, who caused an internet FRENZY when arrested last June in Stockton CA for weapons and gang charges, has been sentenced to 27 months in prison and a 500 hour substance abuse treatment program with the Bureau of Prisons!

Meeks was even offered a modeling gig, but a representative from the talent agency said he never signed the contract and now that he’ll be gone for a while, that may never come to be.

His Mother was furious when reports came out that her son was a violent criminal, so she released a photo of him holding his beautiful his son.

jeremy meeks and son

The next photo Mama posted is one of herself, Jeremy and his brother Bryan Varela.

Jeremy and Bryan took a selfie and apparently good looks run in the family.

Jeremy Meeks and brother Bryan Varela

In an interview from jail, after his pic went viral, Meeks said he “appreciates” all the attention, but what he really wants is for people to know, “I’m not a kingpin.”

This man will never want for commissary.


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