The “EL CHAPO” sexy silk shirt sellin’ faster than an 8 ball of cocaine at a Hollywood party! #WTF?!

Wanna dress like a billionaire drug dealer?!

Now you can!

El Chapo aka Joaquin Guzman Loera, formerly the most wanted man in the world before his capture on January 8th, is also a trendsetter! Since the release of El Chapo’s mugshot, men all over are shaving their heads and mustache’s to get that “hiding from the Federales” clean cut style. I for one am not sad to see the man bun go away.


Now, the sexy silk shirt Chapo was wearing in the photo of him and actor Sean Penn, for Rolling Stone Magazine, is selling so fast, purchasers of the blue and grey button up, crashed the website!

Get this hot look for only $128 at Barabas Premium Apparel!

Barabas has even featured Mr. Guzman on their front page.

wtf el chapo shirt


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