This British dude dropped $150K to look like Kim Kardashian! #WTF?!

He wants to look just like Mrs. West!!!!

British born, Jordan James Parke, has spent more than $156,000 to try and look more like his idol, Kim Kardashian!

In an interview with The Sun, Jordan says, “I love everything about Kim! She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

At only 23, he has had more than 50 procedures to his lips, eyebrows and body!

When The Sun asked Mr. Parke how he deals with the “hate” from people on his social media, he responded, “I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake. Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.”

wtf Jordan like kim

wtf kim jordan 2

Photo credit: Jordan James Parke instagram.

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