THOUSANDS of Pet COCKROACHES?! Yes! For THIS 8 year old little girl. #WTF?!

At least she’s responsible…

8 year old Shelby Counterman has a doll house in her room filled with thousands and thousands of COCKROACHES! And they’re breeding…


Wait, before you get grossed out, these are Shelby’s “pets” and she adores them!

Tulsa, Oklahoma native, Shelby, started collecting cockroaches when she was 3 years old.

When she first started collecting the bugs, she only had boys, but not too long after, Shelby went to a local pet store and told them she wanted to BREED the roaches.

8 year old Shelby told NewsOn6, “I went to Safari Joe’s and told them about my problem that I didn’t have babies. So they gave me some more boys and girls and then I started to breed.”

THIS is SO DISGUSTING!!!! Ugh. You HAVE to listen. Lol!


The bugs do not have the run of the house. Shelby keeps them in special plastic containers, and aquariums lined with Vaseline, which helps keep the roaches from crawling out and getting to the rest of the house, the Daily Mail reports.

Meg Counterman, Shelby’s Mom says her daughter’s hobby used to weird her out, but no one is BUGGED anymore!

In an interview with WFMYNews2, Meg explained, “A very wise friend told me a long time ago, that you can’t instill your own fears and prejudices into your children. and you have to let them follow what they’re interested in. This is something, when she was 18 months old when she started being attracted to bugs. I couldn’t say no. It’s hard not to let her follow her interests.”



Family members have contacted me and apparently the roaches do NOT live in a dollhouse and they’re fed to some kind of other “pet” in the name of science.


Tf. Is that supposed to make this story any less shocking?!

Well it doesn’t and it still creeps Tf outta me.


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