Waitress gets “we only tip citizens” message from customers! #WTF?!

Sadie Elledge showed up to work at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg, Virginia waited on a couple, gave good service, like she always does, and was left with a nasty note instead of a tip!

“We only tip citizens” was printed instead of a dollar amount and signed by Ada M. Doriot.

Sadie posted a photo of the receipt on her Facebook page and it went viral! WSHV reporter, Isabel Rosales, interviewed the 18 year old who said “I thought it was real disrespectful. I’ve had many people say things like ‘go make me a burrito,’ but that’s at school and I don’t pay attention. It doesn’t matter if I’m Hispanic or American or whatever you wanna call it – I’m still a person and you should treated me with respect.”

Sadie’s father was born in Honduras and her mother was born in Mexico – Sadie is an American citizen.

wtf waitress no tip

When Ada returned to the establishment, police were called and according to the manager, she has been banned.


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