Why is #McChicken trending? You’re kidding… #WTF?!

If it’s Sunday, you can’t get Chick Fil A, but you can count on Mickey D’s to satisfy your craving for a fried chicken sandwich with their McChicken!

I woke up this morning, made my coffee and started researching to write for my show tomorrow. I saw McChicken was a hottest hashtag on twitter, so being the thorough person I am, I looked it up to find out why.

A man uploaded video of himself making love to a McChicken and now it’s trending.

Yes, sexy time with a sandwich.

No #mcchicken man! Nooo! 😂😭😝#snapchat – danacortez8 #danacortezshow #ddwdc

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I don’t believe this is how McDonald’s hoped to trend on twitter.

Extra mayo, anyone?


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