Woman arrested for trying to FORCE a BL*W J*B on a MAN! #WTF?!

Things are always bigger in Texas. Even their WTF stories.

The Smoking Gun reports that last Monday, Megan Hoelting got into the home of her husband’s friend through an open gate and tried to “perform fellatio upon him”! The homeowner awoke to Megan straddling his legs, dressed only in PANTIES and then he “felt her place his penis in her mouth”!

The man immediately recognized his friend’s wife and yelled at her to leave! When Hoelting refused, he called 911!

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office reports, Megan Davis Hoelting, has been charged with felony burglary with intent of committing a sexual assault!

Megan has been in arrested at least three different times in October for theft, assault and public intoxication!

She’s been held county jail without bail, at this time.



Photo credit: Williamson Country Sheriff’s Office

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