Woman cuts husband’s PENIS off TWICE for cheating! #WTF?!

Chop suey mofo’s!!!!

Feng Lung, wife of Fan Lung, found out her man was cheating and CUT his PENIS off while he slept and AFTER it was reattached, snuck into the hospital and CHOPPED it OFF AGAIN! This time, she threw it out of the window!

So how’d she bust him?!

While Fan was sleeping, Feng went into their bedroom and SLICED off his penis! He was rushed to the hospital and doctors were able to sew his appendage back on, but that isn’t how the story ends!

Fan snuck into the recovery room and CUT his penis off AGAIN! This time, she tossed it out the window!

Despite heavy bleeding, Lung chased his wife outside and the angry husband hit his wife, as blood streamed down his legs!

After hours of searching, authorities were unable to recover Mr. Lung’s penis. It’s believed a stray dog or cat may have picked it up.


Feng, Fan’s wife, was placed under arrest for grievous bodily harm and is under psychiatric supervision.

Fan’s side chick โ€” Zhang Hung, 21 โ€” said sheโ€™s OK with her man not being able to have more children because he already has five.


Source NY Post:

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