Woman makes YOGURT with her VaJayJay! #WTF?!

Who knew when you add a little “VAGINA” bacteria to milk ya get YOGURT! Well it’s TRUE!

In August, Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, attempted an experiment to make the creamy concoction which is normally made by mixing a small amount of a yogurt starter culture with some milk and heating it.

The curious student got three bowls and placed starter culture in one, milk in the second and the third she scooped in some of her own bodily fluid!


All three were left out overnight and when Westbrook checked on her work the following day, she found a good amount of yogurt in the third bowl which contained the VaJayJay special!

So what does it taste like?!!!!

LISTEN HERE to find out!!!!!!!!

Breakfast anyone?


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