Woman MARRIED 2 cats and live happily ever after! #WTF?!


The Mirror UK reports that a woman has married, not one, but TWO cats! The headline goes: “Barbarella Buchner: Woman celebrates 10-year anniversary after MARRYING her two pet cats”

She tells the Mirror, “They are two tabby brothers, Lugosi and Spider, who are now 15 years old, and they are the loves of my life! But actually, it’s 11 years this January, not 10.”

In 2000, Barbarella says she adopted the two kitties and four years later, after a breakup with a her human companion, Buchner realized her feline friends were her “soul mates.” “They’re the loves of my life,” she told The Mirror.

On January 9 2004 she made it official and married the furr balls!

She ordered a marriage certificate from a website that facilitates interspecies nuptials.


The Huffington Post actually emailed Mrs. – uh – KITTY and asked, “Is there a sexual component to your marriage with the cats?”

“No! Even entertaining such a thought is just too disgusting! In human terms, the word “marriage” implies that there will (usually) be sex involved, but we’re not talking human terms here. I always get the “ooh, those cat tongues must feel really good” kind of comments, but that’s just too gross to even consider. We all know that there are people out there in this world who have sex with animals, but seriously, I’m not one of them and even the thought of that makes me ill. There are two major taboos in my view, and that’s sex with animals and sex with children. I am totally and utterly in love with my cats, but it is simply a pure, spiritual, unconditional love, like a love you would have for a young child. In a way, they are my children, my little babies, and not just my companions.”

And of course, there’s VIDEO! How do these cuddly kitties wake their wife up! WATCH HERE!!!!

A woman is married to TWO cats and living happily ever after. I don’t ever wanna hear you complain about your man again girls.

EVER! Lol!


Source: Mirror UK and Huffington Post.

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