Woman sneaks gun into jail inside her VAGINA! #WTF?!

She’s GUNna be in TROUBLE!!!!

KOAT reports that 34 year old Josephine McAllister, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, PACKED a gun into her VAGINA and actually managed to get it passed security while she was being booked for jail at MDC!

McAllister threw the gun away in the trash and the firearm was found by an inmate, who alerted jailers!

The Albuquerque Journal reported McAllister told authorities she hid the gun in her waistband, but a criminal complaint says it was NOT in her waist, but was in her VaJayJay!

A deputy wrote in the complaint, “Knowing how in depth the PTC (Prisoner Transport Center) officers search prisoners, there is no way that they could have missed it on her waist band.”

Another woman snuck a CELL PHONE in HOW?! Listen to find out!!!!

McAllister went in on December 16 where she faced fraud charges related to stolen credit cards! McAllister now faces a charge of bringing contraband into a place of imprisonment!

Online records show that McAllister has been arrested more than a dozen times since 2003 on a wide variety of charges!

Someone’s GUNna go to PRISON!


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